Acupuncture: great partner of west modern medicine in infertility treatment.

Articles, News 6. April, 2019

People in ancient China believed that inserting thin needles in the right places on the body can bring relief from pain or influence the fertility of a woman. And several thousand years later?  These principals are still being used. Some doctors even believe that the most effective cure of infertility includes combination of classic medical methods, acupuncture and Chinese herbs.

How does acupuncture therapy go?

The first and very important step that determines the success of all the subsequent treatment is medical history questioned by the therapist. By means of these questions about your disease, but also about things seemingly unrelated to it, the therapist tries to reveal the cause of your disease.

According to the Traditional Chinese Medicine the state of your organs and also some disbalances of the organism can be revealed thanks to the tongue and pulse diagnostics. So, examination of your tongue and pulse is the next step of your cure.

Subsequently, the therapist chooses a specific composition of acupuncture points according to the state of health of the patient. By relaxing and taking care of the right acupuncture point, it is possible to restore both flowing of energy and the balance of your body and thus clear away a specific health complication, for example asthma, hay fever, troubles with sleep, spine/articulation pain or infertility.

On someone, inserting thin needles into the body leaves a positive effect right after the first therapy; someone needs even five visits of the therapist to restore energy flowing. Very important positive of this Chinese curative method is no side effects at all. The only side effect could be treating a problem you did not even know you had.

Acupuncture and infertility.

Using the best and the most adequate methods and procedures of assisted reproduction represents basic pillar to its successful initiation in infertility treatment. However, if the woman does not feel peace of mind, the whole treatment can represent only failure, loss of energy and money. According to the Traditional Chinese Medicine, there are several symptoms causing infertility of a woman.

The most common symptoms are kidney exhaustion, insufficiency or stagnation of blood, blockage of blood in uterus, blocked cold in uterus and so on. How can you tell which syndrome concerns you? Your therapist reveals the specific syndrome or syndromes that bother you thanks to asking questions about your menstruation (irregularity, heavy/light menstruation bleeding, color of blood, blood clots in menstruation blood, menstruation pain and other) and by a process of elimination.

The place where the most and different points reflecting all the internal organs are found are ears. The most often, the infertility causes are solved using ear acupuncture that works fast and well.

Blockages and insufficiency often occur in woman that expose their body to excessive physical load or mental strain or in woman that burden their body with unnatural loss of weight. Well-chosen herb mixtures can also help with the treatment, it is called herbal medicine.

Why is it appropriate to perform acupuncture both before and after the embryo transfer?

For easier embryo transfer in the uterus it is good that the client feels fine in general. The acupuncture makes you and your cervix relaxed and prepare your body for the embryo transfer in the best way.

Cramps or contractions of the uterus after the embryo transfer can be very dangerous for the fetus and can even cause abortion. Acupuncture can help to the right implantation of the embryo and to decrease the danger of these cramps.

You are welcome to try it as well.