8. August, 2019

“We kept telling ourselves, ‘there’s plenty of time, we’ll enjoy ourselves and we’re not ready yet to take care of another person.’ And then my maternal yearnings hit me out of the blue. I was 26 years old. My partner and I decided that I’d stop taking my birth control pills and we’d see what happens. We weren’t in any hurry. Then came the marriage proposal, and my thoughts about motherhood were replaced by thoughts about the wedding. After the wedding, however, my mind was set on the fact that I really do want a baby.

My husband kept saying that there’s no reason to panic yet, but I was already counting my fertile days and was beginning to get nervous because the tests were saying I hadn’t ovulated. When another year rolled by and my 29th birthday was approaching, I began having intermittent stomach pains. I was afraid that it could be endometriosis. I underwent surgery that fortunately did not confirm this diagnosis, however they did perform chromopertubation and ovarian drilling that should have increased my chances of getting pregnant. To no avail.

At my regular check-up with my gynaecologist, we decided that I would go for a consultation at Repromeda. After undergoing pre-screening tests where we discovered that, thanks to my irregular ovulation, our chances of becoming pregnant naturally were low, we decided to undergo IVF.

We began stimulation immediately and the egg harvesting went smoothly. After fertilisation and diagnostics, we had 7 healthy embryos available. I was looking forward to the first FET like it was Christmas. Even though it must sound unbelievable and my husband made fun of me, I felt the baby “burrowing in” as soon as I got home. When additional symptoms began to appear, after about 10 days, I couldn’t wait any longer and took a pregnancy test. When those two lines appeared, it was such an amazing feeling. My husband and I were ecstatic. At the check-up, the doctor confirmed the pregnancy. Although the first three months were pretty challenging due to morning sickness, as soon as I stopped taking the hormones after the 12th week, it all evened out and I was able to enjoy the rest of my pregnancy.

The birth went smoothly—it was an amazing experience for us—and our little princess was here with us after just a few short hours. We are extremely happy and would like to thank Repromeda for helping us. We’re looking forward to seeing you again soon, when we come back for a little brother or sister.”

The Müllers