Most common questions and answers about male fertility

Articles, News 16. June, 2018

I’m not planning a baby yet, but can I make a preventive examination of my sperm cells?

Maybe you do not think about having a baby at all and you do not consider important the examination of your sperm cells. Every man should undergo a preventive sperm examination though. The result of your sperm analysis can calm you down, bring you to a thought of preventive cryopreservation of your yet healthy sperm cells, or, as the case may be, warn you that their state is not alright. If your examination did not turn out well, make an appointment with a doctor of a clinic of reproductive medicine (it is possible to make the sperm analysis and the consultation in one clinic). This specialist will discuss with you your possibilities and will answer all your questions.

How does the retrieval of sperm go?

The sperm retrieval is performed by masturbation in a special sterile vessel. Before the retrieval itself it is appropriate to have sexual abstinence of 2-3 days for reaching an adequate result. You need to hand in the sample in person. You can use a sampling room of the clinic where you can go also with your partner. Or you can, after previous arrangement, take the sample in the clinic (in a marked vessel issued by the clinic) even from home/hotel, however, you need to manage it within an hour.

What does normospermia mean?

There are about 50 million sperm cells in 1 ml of ejaculate of a heathy man. A normospermia is now considered a sample with at least 15 million sperm cells in 1 ml of ejaculate. In this sample must be all the parameters of ejaculate in norm (overall motility, progressive motility, concentration, volume, pH, morphology).

We are trying to conceive over a year with my partner. How should we proceed and what examinations await me in the clinic?

The first step of every successful treatment is a consultation with a doctor of the clinic in question. Infertility always considers both from the couple, so it is important that both partners go to the consultation. The doctor will discuss your own and family medical history with you and, pertinently, will suggest methods and relevant steps of the treatment.

The basic examinations you will go through after this consultation are sperm analysis and semen culture; also, a genetic and immunology examination. If a serious disturbance of sperm analysis is found, it is appropriate to undergo also urological examination.