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Our goal is to correctly diagnose the cause of your infertility and then select the perfect treatment for you, which will bring maximum efficiency and a minimal risk of complications.

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We provide a full range of pre-implantation genetic methods. In addition, we offer completely new and unique methods, which also significantly increase the chance of pregnancy.

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Our clinic offers a wide range of treatments and procedures. We specialize in reproductive medicine and the treatment of infertility. We offer methods ranging from simple to sophisticated, using your own or donated reproductive cells. Our goal is to correctly and individually diagnose the cause of your infertility and then select your perfect treatment.

Our clinic’s experts will gladly advise you and together you will make a plan of tests and procedures and create a timetable with specific timing. You can also get information about what changes in your daily regime would be beneficial to you and what supplements would be appropriate for you.

We also perform reproductive genetics, during which we offer the predictive testing of the reproductive compatibility of couples, preimplantation genetic diagnoses and screening and PrenatalSafe prenatal tests for pregnant women. We also offer the possibility of the preventive preservation of gametes for use in the future.

Today modern medicine allows for a number of specific procedures and options. Selecting the appropriate procedure significantly improves the success of the treatment. It is also possible to use a number of special laboratory techniques, or to combine treatment with alternative and holistic techniques and traditional Chinese medicine.

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We offer complete services for assisted reproduction, but also other medical care and counselling. We are able to accurately and thoroughly identify your problems and their causes and to help you overcome them. The slogan that we follow in our work is: "We are helping to start a family”.