Alternative medicine


Acupuncture points are distributed throughout the body and arranged on so-called meridians. It is necessary to free points that are obstructed so that energy can flow in your organs.

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Herbal treatment - phytotherapy

Properly selected herbal bark strengthens your uterus, adjusts your hormone level, puts your body in balance and helps you conceive and deliver healthy babies.

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Bioresonance Bicom

Bioresonance detects and treats inflammation, headaches, asthma, allergies, intolerance and, last but not least, helps in identifying and eliminating the causes of infertility.

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Other procedures increasing the success of your treatment

Even a well-chosen diet, proper movement and exercise that regenerate your body and mind and awaken the right functions of your organs increase the success of your treatment.

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Alternative medicine

For a long time, we have been offering various alternative methods to increase the success of your treatment. Alternative medicine is not what always guarantees conception. But it is an appropriate complement to modern Western medical methods and really can greatly improve the overall condition of women and support our efforts to help you get pregnant.

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Infertility treatment

We will find the cause of your infertility and find the ideal treatment that will lead to your desired goal.


Increase your chances of conceiving a healthy baby. A cutting-edge reproductive genetics laboratory is here for you.

Alternative medicine

We resolve problems in a complex way. Therefore, we also offer alternative treatment methods that will increase your chance of getting pregnant.

Surrogate motherhood

We'll lead you through the whole process of surrogate motherhood, when the embryo of biological parents is carried by a surrogate mother.

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