Bioresonance Bicom

Bioresonance helps where western medicine cannotIt detects and treats inflammation, headaches, asthma, allergies, intolerance and others.

BICOM bioresonance can map the overall condition of your body to detect problems. Unlike Western medicine, which addressed only consequences by administering medications, bioresonance reveals the underlying causes of the disease. The body is always understood complexly as a whole, and this approach has been the basis for our therapies for more than 25 years.

What can be treated by bioresonance?

BICOM OPTIMA detects and treats various inflammation, headaches, asthma, dermatological problems, chronic fatigue, rash, allergies and intolerance and helps cleanse our body from pollutants from air and electro-smog. Thanks to its great properties and effects, it also helps identify and eliminate the causes of infertility.

Our clients’ wishes are for their treatment to be effective, painless and without undesirable side effects. All these requirements are met by this revolutionary therapeutic approach.

What is the principle of the bioresonance effect?

All organisms, including viruses and bacteria, are capable of transmitting their own electromagnetic waves. Bioresonance is able to measure this waveform and determine whether cells in the body communicate freely. This form of intercellular communication is the basis for self-regulation of the body and informs us that the person is healthy.  If you suffer from a chronic illness or if an unwanted substance (pollen, mercury) gets inside your body, BICOM will evaluate it as a distracting waveform that needs to be repaired. If the cells do not “communicate” in your body for a long time, it can be manifested in various physical changes and symptoms. Bioresonance can modify the harmful electromagnetic code and using the “correct frequency”, send it to your body to restore harmony of the body and all your organs.

Bioresonance uses the principle of electro-acupuncture to determine if the body resonates with a particular substance. The acquisition of electrical potentials has been used for years by Western medicine, either in the form of EEG or ECG.



How can bioresonance help infertile couples?

Bioresonance is a method that can be used without difficulty in children, adults and seniors and even animals. At Repromeda, we use Bicom bioresonance especially for infertile couples.

The basic prerequisites for the successful conception of a baby are the presence of ovulation, functional fallopian tubes, favourable conditions for the fusion of male and female sex cells in the uterus, favourable conditions in the uterus allowing for sperm movement to the fallopian tubes and optimal uterine mucosa thickness. Bioresonance can be of fundamental help when trying to determine the status, functions and subsequent treatment of all the above-mentioned organs.

Bioresonance can also alleviate menstrual pain, inflammation of the vagina, ovaries or fallopian tubes; it eliminates hormonal imbalances, strengthens overall immunity and, last but not least, prepares a woman’s body for successful embryo nesting using the right waves.

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