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The yin and yang theory along with the five elements theory represents the cornerstone of traditional Chinese medicine. TCM attributes an organ in the human body to each element (Earth – spleen, Water – kidney, Wood – liver, Metal – lungs, Fire – heart). These elements, hence the organs, interact and the imbalance of one may negatively affect another. One of the most common causes of infertility in women is deficiency (fatigue) in the renal pathway (Water element). In order for everything in our body to function as it is supposed to, all the energy paths (meridians) must be open. For example, if your liver fails to function properly, it will start to affect your kidneys, and this can lead to infertility. A properly chosen diet will increase your chances of conceiving babies.

Diet and infertility

Embryos may not be able to nest due to thin uterine mucosa. It can have many causes, but according to Eastern medicine, one of the main reasons is the so-called “cold and damp environment in the lower emitter”.

Foods that bring excessive internal moisture into your body and affect digestion include sweets, white pastries, all cow milk products, raw vegetables, fried foods, sweetened drinks, spirits, and more. Wheat and pasteurized milk lead to extreme mucus production and cooling. They also act on the environment of the true pelvis. Such a condition may be manifested in some women for example by repeated rejection of embryos. For the proper digestion, it is important to balance your spleen (Earth element).

Foods that can help your spleen and digestion because they provide energy and blood are all cereals and legumes, cinnamon, ginger, liquorice, boiled or stewed poultry, fish, carrots, pumpkins and others.

It is not necessary to exclude the food overloading your spleen from your diet completely, but eat it with moderation. In winter, consume more meat, which will warm your body; in the summer, eat more fruits and vegetables, which cool the body. Search for local fruits and vegetables and try to avoid raw vegetables in the winter. If this is changed, the conditions in true pelvis will change as well and the probability of getting pregnant will improve.

What does a diet change bring?

It’s not about reduction diet – the purpose of a diet change is to get your body into an optimal state. Food should make you happy.

Many women in the Western world have started a diet that involves eating large amounts of raw vegetables and fruits, yoghurts and muesli, and drinking fruit or vegetable juices. According to Chinese medicine, these foods are not suitable for everyone and for each geographical area.

What principles should you follow?

  • warm breakfast (for example, millet porridge), if possible always at the same time, will greatly strengthen your spleen and start your day
  • do not hesitate to have whole grain rice or stewed meat with vegetables and carrots for lunch
  • tofu or fat fish, mushrooms, steamed vegetables – the perfect combination for dinner
  • eat according to the Five Elements Nutrition system recommended by Eastern medicine
  • restrict raw vegetables (especially cucumbers and tomatoes), mainly during the winter
  • eat slightly cooked vegetables in the winter
  • significantly reduce wheat products and use other, healthier cereals
  • reduce pasteurized cow milk – replace it with at least unpasteurised milk from certified sources or non-pasteurized cheese, or replace it with goat or sheep milk
  • avoid sweetened drinks and include more water and herbal teas into your diet according to individual needs

Chi-kung exercise

Chi-kung as a traditional Chinese exercise, healing method or life energy has been around for over 6,000 years. According to TCM, our basic life energy, chi, is stored in the kidneys, while kung represents the skill or the prerequisite for accepting this energy. This exercise complements, harmonises, cultivates and develops this inner (vital) energy chi, regenerates your body and mind and awakens the proper function of your organs. If one of your organs is not working as it should, it can have a major effect on your fertility.

Chi-kung is based on slow movements and deep breathing that can relieve the accumulated stress and tension in your body. Regular exercise relieves your emotions, calms your mind, amends the position of your entire spine and improves your overall health.

Exercise by Mojžíšová

Exercise by rehabilitation therapist Ludmila Mojžíšová may be used as a supportive method for artificial insemination, but also anytime, because it has many beneficial effects.

The metabolism in the true pelvis may be impaired, potentially leading to irregular or painful menstruation. This exercise can strengthen the muscles of the entire body, improve the dynamics of the whole spine and pelvic floor and thus help with back pain. Perform the exercises by having your muscles slowly join the movement, avoid abrupt motions and pain. Exercises from Mojžíšová can provide relief from some types of functional sterility by reflexively influencing pelvic floor muscles.

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