Egg, sperm storage

Storage of eggs and sperm

We have created a new prevention program to preserve fertility. The procedure is based on freezing your sex cells now and using them a few years later.

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Donating and storage of sex cells

The programs of donation and storage of sex cells are given considerable attention. Each of these programs has a different meaning, but their purpose and at the same time our goal is to help those who desire it to conceive the child.

What we offer

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Infertility treatment

We will find the cause of your infertility and find the ideal treatment that will lead to your desired goal.


Increase your chances of conceiving a healthy baby. A cutting-edge reproductive genetics laboratory is here for you.

Alternative medicine

We resolve problems in a complex way. Therefore, we also offer alternative treatment methods that will increase your chance of getting pregnant.

Surrogate motherhood

We'll lead you through the whole process of surrogate motherhood, when the embryo of biological parents is carried by a surrogate mother.

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