What is PANDA?

PANDA is a specially developed genetic test that allows us to examine hundreds of mutations and variants in DNA that cause the most common genetic diseases or have a significant effect on fertility and successful pregnancy.

What is PANDA able to do? The panel allows us to diagnose:

  • fertility disorders and their treatment,
  • genetic causes of infertility or embryonic developmental disorders,
  • thrombophilic mutations,
  • the most common rare diseases (cystic fibrosis, spinal muscular atrophy, deafness, and fragile X syndrome).

Who can get tested?

Testing is especially useful for couples using assisted reproduction, but can also be recommended to those who want to conceive a child spontaneously. Despite the fact that both partners seem to be healthy, they can be carriers of a genetic disease. This may be the case with their offspring.

What will the results of PANDA testing reveal?

The results of genetic tests provide unique information about the causes of male or female infertility, the degree of female ovarian response to hormone stimulation or the risks associated with hormone replacement therapy after embryo implantation. This makes it possible to tailor the treatment to the patients even more. The test also reveals the potential genetic predispositions for the most common hereditary diseases, the inborn tendency to miscarry, and even provides some prognosis of embryo development. In the case of repeated miscarriages, when doctors fail to find the exact reason, the Repromeda clinic can not only get the answer, but also solve the situation.

What to do if PANDA detects a risk?

If predispositions for some of these diseases are found and there is a risk of this disease in the offspring, it is possible to perform pre-implantation genetic testing (PGT-M) of embryos in the couple before the pregnancy and to transfer only such embryos that do not contain mutated genes to the uterus. This reduces the risk of a spontaneous miscarriage, the necessity of artificial interruption of the pregnancy due to a genetic defect or the birth of an affected child.

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