Reproduction genetic compatibility panel

When to use predictive testing?

Do you want to test genetic-reproductive compatibility with your partner?

  • Are you interested in finding out what is the risk of conceiving a child with a hereditary disease or a congenital developmental defect specifically for you two as a couple?
  • Do you want to know more about why you have had repeated miscarriages, even if doctors have not found any problems yet?

What is the predictive genetic testing of the couple?

Predictive genetic testing of reproductive compatibility of the couple offers a unique opportunity to test hundreds of well-selected genes very accurately. These genes may contain mutations in genes that cause serious hereditary diseases.

Who is the testing suitable for?

Parents who are carriers of some recessive disease are healthy individuals who can transfer a serious hereditary illness to their child.

Compatibility testing is suitable for healthy couples who are thinking about having a child, whether using assisted reproduction methods or spontaneously, and who want to affect the health of their offspring. Undergoing a genetic-reproductive compatibility test makes sense when both partners go through it simultaneously.

Why is testing good?

Testing of genetic-reproductive compatibility helps you determine if you as a couple are at risk of conceiving an affected child, having complications during the conception, or other complications during pregnancy. Examinations can also provide information on why some couples have repeated miscarriages.

Parents who are carriers of some recessive diseases are healthy individuals. Despite that, identical mutation in a gene may lead to the birth of a child with a serious hereditary disease.

What if the test shows that we are a high-risk couple?

We can help you even in that case. If you already know that your genes contain a predisposition for hereditary disease that your child might inherit or contain mutations that lead to miscarriages, you can preventively undergo a p of [pre-implantation genetic testing]( to avoid problems.

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