Hysteroscopy is a short gynaecological procedure that allows us to examine the uterine cavity and take tissue samples, or treat minor lesions.

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We are not a registering gynaecologist, but we still offer some gynaecological procedures for the treatment of infertility such as hysteroscopy or hydrolaparoscopy. There are no waiting times for these procedures.

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Infertility treatment

We will find the cause of your infertility and find the ideal treatment that will lead to your desired goal.


Increase your chances of conceiving a healthy baby. A cutting-edge reproductive genetics laboratory is here for you.

Alternative medicine

We resolve problems in a complex way. Therefore, we also offer alternative treatment methods that will increase your chance of getting pregnant.

Surrogate motherhood

We'll lead you through the whole process of surrogate motherhood, when the embryo of biological parents is carried by a surrogate mother.

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