During the embryo transfer an embryo is transferred by thin cannula through the cervix into the uterus. It is performed in a chamber with relaxing music.

During the transfer, you will also have a mediated video record of the selected embryo and its transmission.

Pain and complications

The vast majority of women perceive it as a painless outpatient procedure. Some women may have a tapered cervix due to uterine malformations, or as a result of myocardial inflammation or surgery.

In cases of a uterine malformation or tapered cervix, the transfer could be difficult and painful, and thus the transfer is carried out under general anesthesia. These cases only occur about 1% of the time.

The number of transferred embryos

Each treated couple decides on the number of transferred embryos after consultation with the doctor. In accordance with the recommendations of international professional societies and in accordance with the recommendations of the Committee of the Assisted Reproduction Section (SAR) of the Czech Gynaecologic and Obstetric Society (ČGPS), in the vast majority of the cases we transmit only one embryo.

The transfer of two or more embryos does not significantly increase the likelihood of pregnancy, but only increases the proportion of multiple pregnancies.

Provádění embryotransferu

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