Hormonal stimulation and oocyte pick-up

Each IVF cycle includes the hormonal stimulation of the woman, which causes the maturation of a higher number of eggs than in a natural cycle. This process is followed by a biopsy of the follicular fluid.

Hormonal stimulation

Stimulation starts on the 2nd – 3rd day of the menstrual cycle. The nurse will always teach you how to properly apply the medication and how to make the first application of the drug.

It takes place within 10 to 12 days and is usually well tolerated by women. The entire course of the stimulation is monitored by a doctor at intervals of several days by ultrasound.






Oocyte pick-up

The exact day for the oocyte pick-up is determined by a doctor using ultrasound or hormonal tests. Starting from midnight (before the retrieval) it is necessary to not eat, drink or smoke. You will come to the clinic in the morning. This is followed by a biopsy of the follicular fluid, which is performed with a thin needle through the vagina, under ultrasound, all under the supervision of the anaesthesiologist. The anaesthesia lasts for about 10-15 minutes. The embryologists then search for eggs in the collected follicular fluid in the laboratory. On the same day the eggs are fertilized by sperm to produce embryos.



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