MACS – sperm selection

MACS: a new method for the selection of sperm

Sperm DNA damage may be the cause of male infertility. Smoking has a negative impact on the damage, as does a polluted environment, a higher age in the man, some medications, but also various inflammatory diseases that increase the temperature of the testicles.

Sperm with damaged DNA are often unable to fertilize an egg. If a damaged sperm fertilizes an egg, there is some chance that the resulting embryo will repair the breakage and damage. If the repair fails, it may result in the splitting of the embryo, stopping of the embryo’s development or early miscarriage.

What can MACS DO?

Sperm cells have a limited lifespan, which differs in individuals and populations of sperm and they disappear by apoptosis. Apoptosis in sperm is manifested by the exposure of phosphatidylserine. This allows the detection and separation of apoptotic sperm.

This sperm is not distinguishable from normal sperm. To avoid damaged sperm in the sperm sample, we use a new MACS® ART Annexin V system.

How does it work?

Before the separation, damaged apoptotic sperm is labelled with magnetic nanoparticles, and then they are put through a column, where the apoptotic sperm is captured.

Intact live sperm flow through the column and are collected for further use. Spermatozoa prepared by this kit can further be used for any fertilization technique in assisted reproduction (IUI, IVF, ICSI, PICSI).

For whom is MACS suitable?

The MACS® sperm selection method is recommend for patients

  • with idiopathic infertility
  • with poor semen quality
  • with higher amounts of DNA breakages in the sperm
  • when embryo development repeatedly stops
  • When there is repeatedly bad development to the blastocyst stage

Why use MACS?

MACS® greatly increases the chance of:

  • the fertilization of more eggs
  • the obtaining of more embryos
  • further development of large quantities of embryos

Thanks to this MACS® greatly increases your chances of getting pregnant.

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