Time-lapse monitoring

One of the innovations that our clinic offers is the use of cameras placed directly into the incubator where the embryo develops.

Why is it revolutionary?

The evaluation of the morphology of embryos was previously conducted under a microscope once daily outside the incubator. But a static evaluation system does not give full information about the development of the embryo. In addition, embryos had to be removed from the incubator, out of ideal cultivation conditions.

There are currently several commercially available systems for monitoring embryos. These new computerized systems allow the monitoring of the embryo’s development in real time without disturbing the ideal cultivation conditions. These sophisticated methods do not create any risk for the embryo.

How does it work?

Each embryo is placed and subsequently cultured in individual small wells in an incubator and approximately every twenty minutes the camera acquires a record. These records can be played to get information about the development of each embryo over time.

What is the advantage of the method?

On the basis of the captured scene of embryo development, we can evaluate the regularity of embryo cell division and determine the developmental potential of the embryo. The non-invasive measuring of embryo cell division regularity during the first days of development may be used as an objective indicator of the viability of a human embryo and can be used to select the most perspective embryos for transfer.

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