The surrogate motherhood

The surrogate motherhood presents a process, when a surrogate mother carries the embryo of biological parents – i.e. a woman, which permits the transfer of the embryo into her uterus with intention to conceive, carry full term and give birth but to renounce all parental obligations to the said child and enable the biological parent to „adopt“ such child (= irrevocable adoption). If there is a father stated in the Birth Certificate, only the biological mother needs to adopt the child.


Surrogacy could by indicated in the following cases:

  • Uterine Factor – uterus is not able to provide implementation of embryo
  • Hereditary or acquired absence of uterus (eg. Syndrome Rokitansky-Küster-Hauser).
  • Damage of the uterine cavity and uterine adhesions – (eg. Ashermann syndrome)
  • Low endometrium – does not provide suitable environment for embryo implantation
  • Indications from other fields – is always consulted with a specialist in the field
  • Repeated implantation failure and recurrent spontaneous abortions – if there is any other appropriate procedure

Legislation and Process

At present, in the Czech Republic is not a process of surrogacy adapted to the specific law, it is therefore based only on existing laws, esp. the civil code.

Surrogacy is based on a fairly simple idea. Infertile couple agree on with a woman who is healthy and able to carry a child. The biological father of the child is a male from infertile couple, whose sperm was used to fertilize an egg, and he entered into the child’s birth certificate. We can use oocytes from woman of infertile couple. If the eggs are not available, we can use anonymous egg donor. The embryo formed by combining these sex cells is then transferred to the surrogate mother’s fetus.

The mother of the child is legally a woman who gives birth to a child, on the other hand, however, the law allows a woman to give up parental commitment to the child and give it for adoption. After birth, the surrogate mother, therefore, subject to prior agreement with the infertile couple, gives up the child. After that, the adoption of a child from a woman infertile couple. This woman is the wife of the child’s biological father. Adoption is registered in the birth certificate as the child’s mother, thus both man and wife become parents of a child.

For those interested in this technique before the operation we will prepare a complete advisory service and recommend appropriate legal advice.

Finance and payment

Financial compensation is always part of the agreement requesting couple and the surrogate mother, and includes, for example, expenses associated with transport, finance expended for food supplements, meal and so one. Clinics normally leave this agreement completely to the parties involved.

Surrogacy in points

  • It is not anonymous – a couple of surrogate mother knows each other and they are in contact
  • It is not stipendiary – surrogate mother is not paid, only receives financial compensation for expenses associated with treatment
  • It is only for couples who would not have chance to become parents other way to substitute motherhood is possible to use an egg from a woman requesting a pair, or you can use an anonymous egg donor
  • The surrogate mother is not used as an egg donor, because egg donation must by anonymous

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