I want to become a surrogate mother

What conditions do you have to meet as a surrogate mother?

Would you like to help someone in your family, a good friend, or other couples who, for medical reasons, cannot bear their own child? Do you meet the conditions below? Become a surrogate mother.

  • Age of 18 to 49 years
  • You already have your own child or children, and the delivery was without significant medical complications.
  • You have valid full health insurance in the Czech Republic.
  • You are single or divorced. If you are married, your spouse enters the process, thus complicating the issue.
  • Excellent health.
  • You pass prescribed examinations with negative results.

Are you entitled to a financial reward?

You are not paid to help the couple, but you are entitled to financial compensation for lost wages and profits, expenses associated with medicines and necessary examinations, travel, pregnancy exercises, food supplements needed during pregnancy, and more. This compensation also includes the costs associated with the collection of sex cells, your hormonal stimulation, embryo transfer, and others. Everything is covered by the requesting couple.

How does the whole process work?

The infertile couple will contact you as a surrogate mother (you are related, an advertisement). Alternatively, we can keep in touch knowing that you are willing to have the baby and we will contact a requesting couple.

  • If both parties (biological parents and surrogate mother) are well acquainted with all relevant circumstances and if there is a real objective medical reason for this method of treatment, surrogate motherhood can be used.
  • You then undergo a number of necessary examinations. If everything is fine, we may start with the artificial insemination itself.
  • Sperm from the man from the infertile couple is used to fertilize the egg of the woman from the infertile couple. If this woman does not have eggs suitable for fertilization, an egg from an anonymous donor can be used. You as a surrogate mother cannot be this donor, egg donation is anonymous by law.
  • The embryo is then transferred to you.
  • Once you become pregnant, the biological father of the child will accept his paternity with your consent and will become a father with all rights and duties.
  • After the birth of the child, you will give up your parental commitments and will allow the biological parents to “adopt” this child. Or if the biological father is already stated in the child’s birth certificate, only the biological mother adopts the child.

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