News 16. July, 2019

REPROMEDA has fulfilled its dream many times over. The dream of a husband and wife, man and woman, specialists in reproductive medicine who wanted to practise reproductive medicine in the way we apply it today. It is also a fulfilled dream of many couples who longed for their own child.

We started out as a small family sanatorium designed to provide infertility treatment and assisted reproduction in the highest quality.
The goal of our work remains the same, the number of employees as well as our knowledge and opportunities in reproductive medicine are growing year after year, and we are able to help an ever increasing number of couples.

To be among the best, we use state-of-the-art equipment, constantly monitor new scientific knowledge and put it into practice. Reproductive medicine is an organic interconnection of reproductive gynaecology, andrology, embryology and reproductive genetics, all intertwined, interconnected, crossing national borders. No one can be a lone runner in this business. And it was in the history of REPROMEDA that our great luck in international professional alliances and friendly high-quality relations with a number of Czech and international experts in our beautiful field played a big role.

SCIENCE IN ART confirms our positive relationships, which we greatly appreciate. We would like to thank our long-time friends, among the world leaders in our field, who have willingly accepted our invitation. They helped us to realize this dream and celebrate with us our anniversary.


Alan Handyside

Gary Harton

Inmaculada Moreno

Francesco Fiorentino

Attila Vereczkey

Tonko Mardešić

Daniel Hlinka

Jakub Horák

Kateřina Veselá