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News 20. March, 2020

In the current situation, based on the expert recommendation of the Assisted Reproduction Section in the Czech Republic, all performances of assisted reproduction are suspended. This is due to the general protection and reduction of the risk of spreading the disease, but also to the concern about the possibility of infecting a woman in pregnancy, as the effects of Covid-19 SARS CoV-2 on early pregnancy are not yet clear. However, it is still possible, even during an emergency mode, to start preparing your treatment and then start the procedure quickly and smoothly when it is again possible and safe to do so. We expect that once the emergency situation will be called off, ambulances will be very busy again and waiting times for consultations will be significantly extended. Our special program is limited in time and is only valid during the ´emergency mode program´.
Buying a treatment voucher now gives you a 19% discount, Skype consultation in the shortest possible time, and later on a priority in the treatment process. If you are unable to use the voucher for serious reasons, we will refund your funds.