25. June, 2020

“Thank you for your amazing team making our dreams come true.
We started our IVF journey in Ireland where we live, but it was cut short as the IVF we needed was PGD preimplantation genetic diagnosis because I carry a very dangerous cancer gene that I didn’t want to pass down. We were told about Repromeda by our clinic in Dublin and we began making contact. Within a couple of days our treatment was set up and I was beginning injections. We were very nervous travelling to another country and traveling by trains to reach Brno after we flew to Vienna. Once we reached Repromeda we had an amazing experience and we’re out at ease straight away.
We returned in August for our first transfer which was successful, and our beautiful baby girl was born in April in the pandemic. We cannot thank the team in Repromeda enough, for making our dreams come true! We cannot wait to return for baby number 2! They made the process, treatment, procedures and traveling so easy!”