Little bubble

8. January, 2019

“About a year after our wedding I stopped taking the contraception pills because we wanted to start trying for a baby. Another year and half passed and baby still wasn’t arriving. Everyone was asking us when we would have a baby. So, we decided to consult a physician to know where the problem was. And thus, I made an appointment in Repromeda.

“Doctor Tokareva calmed me down and said one embryo is enough for having a baby.”


After a deep examination of me and my husband we discovered that my husband has slow sperm cells and that was the reason we weren’t successful so far. After the consultation with physicians we decided to do an IVF. In spring 2014 we had undergone our first IVF treatment from which we gained only two oocytes to fertilize. I was shocked and worried it wasn’t enough and it wouldn’t be successful. Doctor Tokareva calmed me down and said one embryo is enough for having a baby. Few days after the retrieval of oocytes I had embryo transfer and after 14 days I had positive the first pregnancy test and blood test on a check-up. A fantastic message, I’m pregnant! I was so happy and I was looking forward to every check-up when I would see the little bubble that I already loved.

“I didn’t have any pregnancy symptom, we were really surprised.”


The whole pregnancy was absolutely without any complications, my husband was looking forward I would have cravings but nothing. I didn’t have any pregnancy symptom, we were really surprised. But my belly grew perfectly and our child wriggled.

Sammy was born January 13th 2015 at 12:20 pm by C-section because he was in breech position. He had 3970 g and 50 cm. My husband was with me during the childbirth and when we saw our boy for the first time we were very happy.

Sammy is now 3 and half years old and goes to kindergarten. If Repromeda wasn’t here, we wouldn’t have our sweetheart. Hereby, we would like to thank you very much. For the professional attitude of the doctors and all the staff and last but not least we want to thank doctor Hromadová for transferring the embryo.”


Petra 34