Sometimes just one embryo is enough for reaching happiness

26. November, 2018

“We didn’t hesitate for a long time to visit a clinic of assisted reproduction because of my cycle and thyroid problems. After six months of trying to get pregnant, we made an appointment in Repromeda.

In the clinic, Doctor Hromadová took care of us with a lot of patience and professional attitude. The first IVF cycle wasn’t successful but, at the same time, it gave us a precious information about my oocytes – they almost don’t mature! Because of this, the stimulation protocol was totally different for the second time. The result was one embryo of which Doctor Hromadová recommended us a genetic examination. We were patiently waiting for the result which came out well. Another waiting after the embryo transfer seemed endless for us. Luckily the embryo liked me and in almost nine months, on the 3rd of November 2017 we embraced our little girl Sárinka. We rejoice with her every day since then.”