Holistic approach

You may not feel ready for IVF, or you may want to explore other possibilities before turning to assisted reproductive techniques. We also offer holistic approaches that can supplement your IVF treatment.

Holistic approach

You may not feel ready for IVF, or you may want to explore other possibilities before turning to assisted reproductive techniques. We also offer holistic approaches that can supplement your IVF treatment.

Phytotherapy - Treatment with herbs

An appropriately chosen herbal treatment will bring your body into balance and help you conceive and deliver a healthy baby. We have many positive experiences with the use of herbs on the baby journey.

What do herbs help with?

  • Adjustment of hormonal levels in the body,
  • stimulation of the female organs,
  • mental support,
  • irregular menstruation,
  • hormonal imbalance,
  • the correct attachment of the embryo.

When is the right time for herbal treatment?

In case of infertility treatment, you can take the treatment before or during the treatment. However, we recommend that you consider a cure whenever you feel that something is wrong in your body. According to traditional Chinese medicine, everything in the body is related to everything, and pregnancy can be influenced by factors that are not at first glance related to it. Always consult an expert when choosing herbs.

If you are interested in phytotherapy, we recommend contacting:

Schedule a non-binding consultation with us

And take the first step on your baby journey. The doctor will discuss with you everything you are interested in and suggest the next steps.


A method that can map the overall condition of the body and reveal the hidden causes of infertility. When trying to conceive, it is mainly used to determine the state of ovulation, fallopian tubes, uterus and conditions for the fusion of sex cells.

How does bioresonance help in the treatment of infertility?

  • Relief of menstrual pain,
  • elimination of chronic inflammation of the vagina, ovaries or fallopian tubes,
  • balancing hormonal imbalances,
  • strengthening immunity,
  • to prepare the body for successful embryo implantation.

How does bioresonance work?

All organisms (including viruses and bacteria) emit their own electromagnetic waves, which we measure and use in treatment. If there is something wrong in your body, the bioresonance device will evaluate it as a disturbing wave. If this fault in the body persists, it can manifest itself in various symptoms of poor health – from chronic headaches to ovarian dysfunction. Bioresonance can correct these disturbing waves and send them back into the body at the correct frequency in order to bring all your organs into balance.

If you think that bioresonance could help you, we recommend contacting Nikola Kadlčíková.

  • +420 605 430 571, info@bicom-optima-brno.cz


The essence of acupuncture is the insertion of needles into points that affect the functioning of your body. It prepares you for the arrival of the baby, prevents miscarriage and helps you cope with the whole pregnancy in harmony.

We cooperate with experienced acupuncturist Dominika Guziura +420 603 197 424.
We recommend reading the interview.

How does acupuncture work?

First, the therapist will use questioning to find out which pathway in your body you need to support from a traditional Chinese medicine perspective. The questions will be about your health and mental state. Based on the diagnosis, they will treat the points on your body that are in imbalance with the help of needle sticks.


A well-chosen diet and exercise will increase the chances of conceiving a baby. Support the proper functioning of the body with diet and Chinese Qigong or Moses exercises.

How does nutrition affect the chances of having a baby?

The right diet can change the conditions in the small pelvis, thus increasing the chances of getting pregnant.

What do you prefer to limit on your plate?

  • Sweets,
  • white bread,
  • cow’s milk products,
  • raw vegetables,
  • fried food,
  • sweetened drinks,
  • hard liquor.


What is Qigong?

An exercise that through slow movements and deep breathing can release accumulated tension in the body, improve posture and overall health. According to traditional Chinese medicine, qi is our basic life energy and kung is a skill for receiving it.

Physiotherapy and exercise according to Moses?

An exercise that can strengthen the muscles of the entire torso, improve the dynamics of the spine and pelvic floor and help with back pain. We use it not only as a supporting method to artificial insemination, but also in other cases. Exercise can eliminate some types of infertility and help you on your way to conception.

We are happy to recommend physiotherapists from Fit and Tasty at Botanická 53a in Brno who specialize in this field.



Together with Kristýna Svobodová from the Yoga Place yoga studio we have prepared a series of reproductive yoga videos. You can exercise anywhere, ideally in the comfort of your own home.

The first reproductive yoga class focuses on self-awareness and awakening the inner energy. Using selected exercises, it activates, warms and circulates the organs in the abdomen and pelvis. This gentle exercise pays attention to all the organs that affect the reproductive and endocrine systems.

Part 1 of Reproductive Yoga

The second reproductive yoga class is dedicated to purification, harmonization and calming. The basis of this class is the Nadi Shodhana breathing technique (known in English as alternate breathing), which harmonizes feminine and masculine energy. It is popular for its cleansing effects. There will also be a soothing and harmonizing greeting to the moon. It is especially suitable for women suffering from insomnia. Part of this lesson is the position of the goddess symbolizing wealth, prosperity and fertility. Since this is a calming routine, we recommend practicing it at the end of the day.

Part 2 of Reproductive Yoga

Get enough rest: easy to say but difficult to keep. The third reproductive yoga lesson from our workshop focuses mainly on relaxation exercises. It helps with inducing psychological well-being, getting rid of anxiety and building confidence in oneself. The end of the lesson is devoted to guided relaxation, the so-called visualization in the position of bliss.

Part 3 of Reproductive Yoga

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When my husband and I started looking into IVF, we chose your clinic on recommendation and now we know it was the best decision. We went to the first meeting full of expectations and at the same time nervous about what to expect.

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Your questions will be answered Mon-Fri, 7am-6pm.

Emergency +420 602 592 842

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Ostrava, Dr. Slabihoudka 6232/11

Your questions will be answered Mon-Fri, 7am-3pm.

Emergency +420 606 029 983

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