MIRI Incubator Time-Lapse monitoring. Device with 12 positions that provides the best care for your embryos. Device that significantly increases your chance to get pregnant.

Articles, News 27. October, 2018

Every baby feels the best in warm and comfort of mommy’s belly. The new incubator MIRI Time-laps can provide almost the same conditions and environment for embryos. Why is it so beneficial to your embryos? And what makes this device so unique?

Why is it so beneficial to your embryos?

MIRI TL Incubator offers to your embryos the best care, comfort and own space – a separate small chamber – for the culture. Embryos of every couple are cultured separately in one of 12 separate small heated chambers. This device makes possible to regulate the oxygen level; thus, your embryos will feel in these chambers as if they were already in your body.

What makes this device so unique?

MIRI TL Incubator meets all the parameters and functions you might want from an incubator. It can evaluate the potential, quality and dynamics of embryos’ development and at the same time detect if there is something wrong with the embryos – cell division failure, fragmentation and other. Thanks to this device, it is possible to watch the growth and development of embryos during the whole culture process. Thanks to this device it is possible to choose the best quality embryo for the transfer in the uterus and thus significantly increase the chance of a woman to get pregnant. Usage of the Incubator is not limited in any way, so, with its use, it is possible to culture and monitor every embryo.

Microscope is not needed anymore.

This new system makes time-lapse monitoring possible without interference. It is possible to watch the embryos with a camera for the whole time of the culture. Considering the fact that embryos’ control under the microscope is not needed, disruption of the culture conditions does not come about. Thus, temperature and composition of atmosphere during the whole culture process are constant.