Herbal treatment – phytotherapy

Properly selected herbal bark will balance your body and help you conceive and deliver healthy babies.

Phytotherapy is currently considered to be the most powerful tool of traditional Chinese medicine. Medicinal plants have been used by TCM to treat illnesses for more than 4,000 years. If your organs and reproductive system do not cover their functions, the balance of your body may be affected together with your fertility.

The latest research shows that the probability of pregnancy is doubled in women who use traditional Chinese medicine.

When is it suitable to use herbs?

Clients often think they can use either classical medicine, or alternative approaches to treat infertility. However, it is ideal to choose a combination of these two approaches. At Repromeda, we first try to discover the cause of your illness and then create an herbal blend tailored to your needs. This blend can amend the hormone level in the body and strengthen, increase blood support and stimulate female reproductive organs.

Herbal procedures usually take 3-6 months. Some clients undergo this treatment before starting their infertility therapy or before embryo transfer itself. Others will opt for this type of supportive treatment only in the case of repeated failures of embryo nidation or repeated miscarriages.

Tips & tricks

Do not use metal (metal sieve) when preparing the herbal mixture. It damages its effects. Use a plastic sieve instead. Herbs prefer glass, so enjoy your drink from a glass mug, always on an empty stomach. If you are already using medicines or hormones to treat infertility, you should consult a specialist about the use of herbal substances. Improper use of herbs may cause you more harm.

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