World-renowned geneticist Professor Alan Handyside visited our clinic.

Articles, News 16. May, 2018

REPROMEDA became the first clinic in the Czech Republic to start using the Karyomapping method for genetic analysis of the embryo.

The inventor of this method and the founder of pre-implantation genetic testing of monogenic diseases (PGT-M) is prof. Alan Handyside. This important British scientist and geneticist has received an invitation from his longtime colleague, the director of our clinic MUDr. Kateřina Veselé, PhD. and visited Brno in April.

Professor Handyside fulfilled his life-long dream to visit the city of genetics father G. J. Mendel. The first steps of his visit were to the Mendel Museum. He has enjoyed his visit to Brno and our clinic and, with a view to close cooperation with our clinic, we hope the professor was not here for the last time.

Karyomapping. Choosing a prospective embryo with the right number of chromosomes.

Karyomapping can detect genomic mutations and diagnose almost each hereditary disease with a known genetic cause. The main advantages of this method are speed, success, availability and high accuracy and practically 100% reliability of the exam. Thanks to this new genetic analysis technology, it is possible to pre-select an embryo without mutation to prevent the transfer of genetic burden to the next generation. It is a technique that can perform preimplantation genetic testing of aneuploidy of all chromosomes (PGT-A) in one examination. Therefore only promising embryos with the correct number of chromosomes are selected for transfer to the uterus.