PICSI: Preselected intracytoplasmic sperm injection

What is PICSI?

This is a modification of ICSI associated with the selection of optimal sperm. The principle of the method is binding mature sperm to a specially treated surface of a petri dish, to which gel with hyaluronan is applied.

What is the principle method?

Hyaluronan is an important natural component of the oocyte layer, and just head mature sperm carries a specific receptor, which allows it to bind to hyaluronan. In the PICSI method, the embryologist chooses sperm that exhibits positive binding to hyaluronan gel for micromanipulation fertilization.

Why choose PICSI?

By using PICSI sperm of optimum maturity can be selected to fertilize an oocyte. It is assumed that mature sperm is more likely to lead to fertilization and perspective embryo development.


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