Random starts – a reliable variant of IVF treatment

Articles, Science and research 3. March, 2021

The current pandemic situation leads to many negatives that complicate the functioning of the whole society every day. However, in Repromeda this situation became an impulse for the introduction of so-called random starts. As the name suggests the initiation of hormonal stimulation is independente on the menstrual cycle of women. This is a breakthrough in the current approach.

So far, we have used random start in patients for whom we need it to start stimulation as soon as possible, whether due to follow-up oncological treatment, expiring health insurance payments or other causes. During the pandemic, we included patients to random stimulation start to regulate clinic processes and prevent patient accumulation in the clinic. Based on the evaluation of the results, we come to the conclusion that in terms of the success of stimulation, it is possible to start treatment in any phase of the cycle. The number of egg samples is almost the same and the success rate is the same.

Until now, it has been common practice with IVF methods for controlled ovarian stimulation to begin simultaneously on day 2 of the cycle. The woman is in the so-called follicular phase at this time. At the beginning of this phase, which begins on the first day of menstruation, it is characterized by lower levels of female hormones – progesterone and estrogen. With the gradual influence of level hormones and the approaching ovulation, the uterine lining grows to be ready for a potential pregnancy. It was previously thought that the stimulated cycle should mimic the phase of the natural cycle. However, with modern products that currently exist on the market, this old rule is no longer valid.

The use of a random start allows women to start stimulation immediately and at a more accurate estimate of the time course of treatment at any time, or gives the opportunity to adjust the start date as needed it, depending on her personal and professional life. Therefore, a random start doesn´t have to be reserved only for oncology patients, but can be used by all groups of clients without any worries.