Together to smile and to a healthy child

News 3. December, 2018

We are glad there are people that can, even with all the difficulties that had met them in life or maybe thanks to it, help others. We are glad that we have these people in our team.

Society Společně k úsměvu, z.s. (Together to Smile) is an organization of predominantly young people that went through an oncological treatment in childhood or in the adolescent age and they want to use their experience in helping children and adolescents that are currently undergoing an oncological treatment or have finished the treatment and they need subsequent care.

70 % of cured patients deal with late consequences of the treatment: fertility malfunction, hearing malfunction, nutrition malfunction, higher probability of tooth decay, premature aging, osteoporosis, secondary tumors risk etc.

On Saturday 1 December 2018 a workshop under the title Fertility and hearing malfunction: late consequences of oncological treatment took place on třída Kpt. Jaroše in Brno. The aim of this workshop, as a part of project ASTRA, was to spread awareness about late consequences of oncological treatment. The project ASTRA also points out the necessity of prevention that ensures detecting the disease in time and possible intervention of late consequences of oncological treatment.

We would like to thank Markéta Šejnohová for being a part of all this and to prof. Pavel Trávník for the lecture about the given issues.