Alternatives to standard IVF

The aim of these approaches is to attempt the most natural course of artificial conception and to minimize treatment costs. However, these methods offer a relatively low success rate.

The native – natural IVF

cycle during the native IVF cycle does not use any hormonal stimulation of the ovaries. Natural ovulation is used. The aim of the puncture is to acquire one egg and then fertilize it using the ICSI or PICSI method.

Minimal stimulation

Minimal stimulation utilizes very low stimulation doses of drugs. The stimulation is gentle and is well tolerated by the woman. It is performed to acquire 2-6 high-quality eggs for subsequent fertilization using the ICSI or PICSI method.

IUI: Intrauterine Insemination

IUI is the least invasive method of assisted reproduction based on the introduction of modified sperm (partner’s or donor’s) through a catheter into the uterus during ovulation. The procedure may be performed during a natural cycle (without stimulation) or after ovarian stimulation. This is a relatively simple and painless procedure performed in an outpatient regime without anesthesia.

The IUI method has a very low success rate – between 5-15% per cycle, even after stimulation of the ovaries. It is recommended after a consultation with a physician for specific selected cases:

  • in younger women using donor sperm
  • in couples without regular intercourse

IVM:In-vitro maturation

Is a method of assisted reproduction in which immature oocytes are removed from the ovaries and left to mature under laboratory conditions before being fertilized. Artificially matured oocytes are fertilized using the ICSI or PICSI method.

Unlike IVF, IVM does not use stimulating agents at all or only in minimal doses and for a short period. Immature eggs are collected from the ovaries then left mature in the laboratory for 24-48 hours and used for fertilization.

Clinical recommendations:

IVM, IUI or minimum stimulation are not methods that should fully replace IVF. They need to be seen as methods suitable only for a narrow group of couples. These methods are not suitable for women over 35 years of age and for those who have fewer antral follicles, higher FSH levels and lower AMH levels. Furthermore, they are not suitable for overweight women.

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