Examination of couple

It is not correct to speak about female and male infertility, because we have to speak about the infertility of the couple. The possibility to conceive a child in a natural way is determined by large number of external and internal factors of both partners.

We define an infertile couple as one that, despite regular intercourse, is unable to get pregnant for 6-12 months. In this case, we provide a comprehensive examination.

Each couple can have a different combination of the causes and factors of infertility and, therefore, the examination and treatment processes will vary for different pairs. According to the results of basic clinical and laboratory tests, further specialized laboratory examinations are then individually recommended.

Basic examinations

Basic tests for women include:

  • ultrasound examination of the female pelvis and gynaecological examination
  • examination of female reproductive hormones
  • examination of thyroid hormones
  • tests for sexually transmitted diseases
  • immunological examination
  • genetic tests (karyotype)
  • test tubal patency and hysteroscopy (if indicated)

Basic tests for men include:

  • spermiogram – examination of ejaculate
  • genetic testing
  • immunological examination
  • urological examination, if a serious fault was found in the spermiogram


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