Initial consultation and specialized counselling

During the initial consultation the doctor will discuss your family and personal anamnesis and your medical history. We will design the perfect procedure and further testing. You will also be informed of the charges and payments.

The process of consultations

The length of consultations is normally about 45 minutes. Consultations are led by highly erudite specialists, aimed at highly complicated factors of infertility. This ensures you will get all the information you need for your successful treatment in an intelligible form. You will also have room for all your questions.

We also offer specialized counselling, which lasts about 60 minutes. This specialized counselling is for pairs who have had a greater number of unsuccessful cycles or repeated pregnancy losses, or if there is are genetic risk factors for infertility or genetic diseases.

Alternative procedures

We also provide consulting in the field of holistic and traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). In this way we manage to increase the success rate even for couples who have not achieved pregnancy or the birth of a healthy child using standard techniques.


From the beginning of your treatment you will have a coordinator who will communicate with you on the matters concerning your treatment, but she will also help you to find a suitable hotel or give you advice on what to do during your stay in Brno. Our coordinators speak English, German and Italian. If you want to use a different language for your consultation with the doctor, we will provide you with an interpreter, who will translate the entire consultation.

REPROMEDA Biology Park Facilities

Consultations take place in REPROMEDA’s beautiful new premises in Biology Park. The clinic’s treatment rooms are designed to make you feel well despite the difficult situation in which you currently find yourself. The interior of REPROMEDA Biology Park is designed and furnished in accordance with the ancient Chinese theory of Feng Shui. Our four treatment rooms bear the name of Wood, Earth, Water and Fire, according to the Chinese theory of the five movers – Wu Xing. The fifth element is the Metal that is present in the construction.

Four treatment rooms according to Feng Shui

The colours of the Wood element range from green to brown. Wood represents creativity, relaxation, flexibility, originality and compassion. It supports regeneration and healing. Wood colours are well suited for rooms where people meet. Therefore, we chose the Wood treatment room in REPROMEDA Biology Park and have given it a green colour. The colours of the Earth element are ochre, sand and terracotta. Earth means reality, stability, responsibility, objectivity, caring, thinking, empathy. The Earth element is good to use on upper floors and in glazed areas. In REPROMEDA we want to offer you the desired empathy and caring.

Fire has a yellow, orange and red to purple colour. The element represents power, a fighting spirit, enthusiasm and joy as well cordiality, growth and love. Infertility treatment always requires power and a fighting spirit while, on the other hand, successful treatment brings joy, enthusiasm and love.

The Water element is, of course, the colour blue, from azure through turquoise to navy and dark blue. It represents continuity, a beginning, a path, emotions and wisdom. The water element is an oasis of rest and brings softness and gentleness, adaptation, relaxation and meditation and also helps us slow down the hectic pace of life.

Quiet, relaxing waiting area

we want to offer you calm, a slower pace and the possibility of contemplation in our quiet waiting room. Here you will find beautiful plants and a wall of flowers. You will feel cosy in the dim light and our comfortable armchairs. Our receptionist will be happy to offer you tea or coffee or even a book to read, so you can feel almost like home. If you prefer to finish your work, you will have a little table, outlet and Wi-Fi connection, of course.

Children’s corner

If you come with your children, you can use the waiting room for parents with children, which also features a children’s corner.

Fully wheelchair accessible

We are fully wheelchair accessible. You can get a lift directly to us from the parking garage.


What we offer

Discover what we can offer. More services can be found here.

Infertility treatment

We will find the cause of your infertility and find the ideal treatment that will lead to your desired goal.


Increase your chances of conceiving a healthy baby. A cutting-edge reproductive genetics laboratory is here for you.

Alternative medicine

We resolve problems in a complex way. Therefore, we also offer alternative treatment methods that will increase your chance of getting pregnant.

Surrogate motherhood

We'll lead you through the whole process of surrogate motherhood, when the embryo of biological parents is carried by a surrogate mother.

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